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What We Do

Less Travel Research Headaches

Aggregate Data

We examine a city’s public transit system and identify all stations that have hotels within walking distance alongside nagging FAQ about each hotel.

Build Custom Maps

We create custom transit maps that make digesting hotel options and commute times a breeze. We build custom Google Maps.

Focused UX & Content

We clearly communicate to our readers a blend of insights about neighborhoods and hotels that accelerate travel research.


Washington, DC

New York City

San Francisco



Our Journey

  • January 2015 - Present

    4 New Locations

    Four new locations including Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco and NYC are launched. Processes are repeated and enhanced to grow traffic. Revenues follow as marketing is carried out for each new site.

  • May 2014 - December 2014

    Optimization / Expansion / Branding

    As traffic has grown every month the UX and content are retooled to improve conversions for the DC website. Custom maps are created and data is updated. As a result revenues drastically increases. Work is outsourced to create four new locations.

  • November 2012 - April 2014

    Concept Is Monetized

    As traffic begins to flow the website is equipped to monetize itself through affiliate partnerships and banner advertising. While still a young idea, the website receives regular updates and additional content to grow traffic. The concept is treated much like a blog during this time.

  • June 2012

    Living Above the Metro

    While living above the Ballston Metro station Jeff Howard (Founder) takes notice that finding information on hotels exclusively near DC Metro stations is a time consuming task. Additionally, there is no website that makes it easy to understand the vibe of each neighborhood that has both a Meto station and hotels.
    Hotels Near DC Metro is born.